Cancer isn’t something anyone wants to experience – either themselves or for their loves ones. It instantly elicits a visceral reaction of anger, fear, and grief. Yet, the reality is that most of us will experience cancer in our own lives or in the lives of someone we know.


extreme weather: heat waves

Extreme heat impacts our lives in various ways. It effects our transportation systems by grounding airplanes and halting trains, our food supply by wrecking crops and killing livestock, and importantly, our health.

climate change and its impact on global food security

Recent news reports have placed a spotlight on global supply shortages for a variety of foods, among them are lettuce, avocados, rice, vanilla, and cocoa. Changing weather patterns have had an impact on such common household food items, as climate change has gradually altered the environments in which these crops grow and thrive.

why ethics matter: the tuskegee syphilis study

Tomorrow marks the first day of National Health Ethics Week and as a reminder of why ethics matter in health studies, I would like to place a spotlight on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study - a study that began with noble intentions, but immediately paved the path to cause a tremendous amount of grievances for not only the participants, but their families as well.

are vitamin and mineral supplements necessary to be healthy?

Today, many people believe that a cocktail of vitamin and mineral supplements is necessary to be “healthy” – the more you have, the better, right? Well, not exactly.

the sitting disease

Today, we sit so much that our lifestyles have evolved in such a way that we spend more time sitting down than we do moving around. We sit at our desks at work or school; in our cars, buses, or taxies; while reading or chatting; in front of a TV or computer screen; and when we are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Considering how much sitting we do all day long, have you ever wondered how your health is impacted?

climate change: an ominous health threat

The consequences of climate change are much more far-reaching, especially when we consider human health. But, what does climate change have to do with our health? Quite a lot, in fact, because the health of the planet determines the conditions for our health.