want to quit smoking? you’ll have better luck if you’re richer and more advantaged

Across Canada, smoking leads to 37,000 deaths every year, meaning that someone dies every 12 minutes due to some smoking-related illness. Altogether, cigarettes kill more people than the combined deaths from traffic accidents, drug abuse, suicides, and murders across the country.


climate change and its impact on global food security

Recent news reports have placed a spotlight on global supply shortages for a variety of foods, among them are lettuce, avocados, rice, vanilla, and cocoa. Changing weather patterns have had an impact on such common household food items, as climate change has gradually altered the environments in which these crops grow and thrive.

the sugar tax

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global prevalence of obesity among adults has doubled since 1980 to affect more than 600 million people worldwide. As a result, obesity has reached epidemic proportions and become a major global health challenge. Could a sugar tax be the answer?