fruit juice: not allowed for under 1-year-olds?

It’s no secret that kids love sugary sweet foods. Anything sweet is delicious... so as long as there's something healthy mixed in, its a win-win for both parent and child, right? Well maybe not always.


food allergies: a growing public health concern

Food allergies are no minor concern – for many, they are dangerous as the slightest trace amount of an allergen can cause serious harm and threaten one’s life.

climate change and its impact on global food security

Recent news reports have placed a spotlight on global supply shortages for a variety of foods, among them are lettuce, avocados, rice, vanilla, and cocoa. Changing weather patterns have had an impact on such common household food items, as climate change has gradually altered the environments in which these crops grow and thrive.

pharmacare: is it finally time for universal drug coverage?

With the recent promises of pharmacare made for the upcoming provincial elections in Ontario, I thought it would be a great time to discuss what pharmacare is, its history in Canada, and more importantly, if it is finally time that we received universal drug coverage in Ontario.

how safe is your food?

Food is essential to sustain life and without it, we would cease to exist. The food we eat, however, is not always safe for consumption as it’s often riddled with contaminants.

how gentrification effects our health

From London to Toronto to San Francisco, many urban centres around the world are transforming as crumbling old neighbourhoods are revitalized and replaced by new buildings and notably, new groups of people. Today, gentrification is a growing global reality. As the motto goes: “out with the old and in with the new,” right?

is your country among the world’s healthiest?

I recently came across the 2017 Bloomberg Global Health Index, which provides a ranking for the world’s healthiest countries. As a Canadian, I was naturally confident that our nation would be ranked somewhere among the top 10. To my surprise, we didn’t even crack the top 15. Canada was number 17 on this list!