Cancer isn’t something anyone wants to experience – either themselves or for their loves ones. It instantly elicits a visceral reaction of anger, fear, and grief. Yet, the reality is that most of us will experience cancer in our own lives or in the lives of someone we know.

extreme weather: heat waves

Extreme heat impacts our lives in various ways. It effects our transportation systems by grounding airplanes and halting trains, our food supply by wrecking crops and killing livestock, and importantly, our health.

want to quit smoking? you’ll have better luck if you’re richer and more advantaged

Across Canada, smoking leads to 37,000 deaths every year, meaning that someone dies every 12 minutes due to some smoking-related illness. Altogether, cigarettes kill more people than the combined deaths from traffic accidents, drug abuse, suicides, and murders across the country.

are you drinking too much?

Although many of us are aware of the negative social effects of drinking, as well as the consequences we may face if we are not careful and responsible, it is all too easy to neglect the health effects that come with drinking.

the northern advance of ticks

With warming temperatures and thus, more regions growing to become increasingly habitable, climate change is creating a more livable environment for vectors that spread infectious, and often sever, diseases. In recent years, this spread has been very evident in Canada with the northern advance of ticks.

fruit juice: not allowed for under 1-year-olds?

It’s no secret that kids love sugary sweet foods. Anything sweet is delicious... so as long as there's something healthy mixed in, its a win-win for both parent and child, right? Well maybe not always.

food allergies: a growing public health concern

Food allergies are no minor concern – for many, they are dangerous as the slightest trace amount of an allergen can cause serious harm and threaten one’s life.